Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Changes at the Little Nest

   Another lapse in blogging.  At least this time I have a good reason.  I had my gallbladder removed in November, and while I was recovering from that little bit of fun, my sweet husband accepted a job in our home state!  We were, of course, overjoyed to be moving home, closer to family and familiar ways of life.  There were some pretty excited grandparents too.  However, that meant that we had to pack, move across country, and start a new job, all at the holidays.  It was fast and furious, but we have survived so far.  Chris's family has been very graciously housing us and the mess we create since just before Christmas. 
   We hunted and bought a house that splits the difference between where our parents live and where Chris's new job is, about 20 minutes away from each, and less than a mile from my Little Seester! (Sorry sis!) It's about 15 years old, which was perfect for us.  I didn't want a brand new house.  I wanted something that needed a little love.  Nothing major, mind you.  I'm not prepared to deal with structural problems.  Just a cosmetic makeover.  It's just what we were looking for: 3 bedrooms and a study, 2 full baths, a nice sized (but not massive) kitchen, 2 car garage.  It's in the exact location we wanted, between family and work like I mentioned, and in the best school districts we could find. 

   The only thing that isn't straight from our wish list is the backyard.  You'll see a photo in a bit, but the previous owners poured an enormous concrete slab in the already smallish yard for a basketball court, so there is barely any grass back there.  My family raved about what an amazing patio it would make, and they are correct, but I've had concrete.  I want grass for my baby to play in!  We have long term plans to remove part of the concrete, but that's a project for another day.  Without further ado, meet the Slightly Bigger Nest in the Much Smaller City:

The Slightly Bigger Nest

Front door/Entryway  

Living room, view from the front door.  Nevermind my dad and the realtor.

View into dining area and kitchen

The eatin' spot

The cookin' spot

Master bedroom.  AMAZING window!

Master bath, complete with leopard print wallpaper and spider light fixture.  That open door you see goes into the closet, and the shower is behind that partial wall.

The back bedroom, which will be the playroom.

The "middle" bedroom.  This one will be Abby Kate's room.

Second bath, and a view of Chris's dad.  The doorway on the left goes into the shower and "throne room."
The back view.  Lots of concrete....
   So there you have it.  Keep in mind, these are the "before" pictures.  We (and our generous and talented families) have done a lot already, and have a few more projects to do before we officially move in.  We wanted to get things like flooring and painting done before moving our stuff in because it's so much easier to work without furniture.  The biggest project we have is the kitchen.  It's a near-complete overhaul.  I'll save the savory details for another post, but there's lots going down in the cookin' spot.  We're hoping to move in around the first part of March, if everything goes according to plan.  Cross your fingers!

   Anyone else move lately?  Planning some renovations?  Have pictures to share of completed projects?

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