Wednesday, April 11, 2012

26 weeks

Hey y'all.  Nothing really new going on in babyland, just thought I'd give a general update.  I've been tweaking my Target registry here and there as I find new/better/cooler stuff I like, or when I change my mind about something.  Showers are coming up in a few weeks, so I want to get the registry as good as its going to get in the next week or so. For your viewing pleasure, here's my latest belly photo:

In my Easter finery!

I've been trying to figure out what to wear to my showers, and I'm having a tough time.  I want to look nice, of course, and there will be tons of photos, knowing my family and me.  :)  I've found a few dresses online that I like, but I'm hesitant to buy them without being able to try them on.  I've pretty much decided against ordering anything from Old Navy because they won't let you return maternity clothes in store, you have to mail them back.  Which is a giant pain.  Target, however, will let you return things in store. Much better option. 

Tomorrow morning I have my next checkup, which will also include a 3 hour glucose tolerance test.  Ick.  Going to have to pack my big purse so I can entertain myself since they said I have to stay in the office the whole time.  I can't say that I'm expecting to have an issue with gestational diabetes, but it also wouldn't surprise me.  My mom had it during her pregnancy with my sis, I was overweight to start with, and I've had some symptoms (extreme fatigue, thirst, etc) that could be symptoms of GD, or could just be pregnancy symptoms.  Either way, I figure we'll be fine.  I'll do what it takes to keep it under control if it's a problem, and if it's not, so much the better. 

Next week I'm going to start physical therapy as a patient.  For about two weeks now, I've had incredible pain around my pubic symphysis (the part in the front where your pelvic bones meet).  It's not too bad when I'm sitting, or when I'm standing with my weight carefully balanced on both feet, but walking is sore, and getting in/out of bed and the car are miserable, as are stairs.  It's common in pregnancy, since hormones are loosening everything up in preparation for the big day.  I've treated a few patients for it during pregnancy with pretty good results, but there are some things that you just can't do for yourself!  I'm hoping I can get a referral for PT tomorrow at my appointment. 

Peanut still does not have an official name.  We're fairly settled on a first name, but can't seem to agree on a middle name.  This naming a real person stuff is harder than I expected.  You don't want to pick something dumb, in case she wants to be president, but you don't want something too "big" for a child.  Have to think about what mean jokes kids could make out of it, potential nicknames, what will initials spell...stressful!  Anyone have any name advice, or good stories from when you were naming kids?


  1. Go with what you like. Don't worry about something being too serious sounding for a little one. I think it's cute when the littles have "big" sounding names. And even if you have a name that can't be made into something silly (which is next to impossible) there will be something else some other punk kid will tease your kid about. We usually just make sure the names kind of flow well. Since our last name is Wing we avoid any first name that ends with a s to prevent things from getting mushed together and sounding like "swing", but that's about it. So throw caution to the wind! Pick something you love! The more kids you have, the tougher it gets.

  2. It depends on which first name you have settled on. Grandma will pick her a great name!!!! I love your Easter picture

  3. You look amazing. So grateful for the updates and photos.

  4. Thanks, gals! Naming this kiddo just seems like such an important job that I think I'm over-thinking too much. That, and I've never done this before!