Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bathroom Progress!

   It feels like progress in the house is slowing down.  In reality, there is much being done, but most of it requires some sort of previous experience or skillz that I don't possess, so there isn't a lot that I personally can do.  I plan to continue learning how to do things, but for the moment, I don't know how to change a faucet, etc.  Our focus in the past week or so has been in the hall bath, which serves as our guest bath and Abby Kate's bathroom.  This bathroom is good sized, has a linen closet, has two sink/vanity areas, and a separate shower and potty area, making it ideal for being shared by multiple people.  (Please note, there are no babies in the works.  Just reflecting on growing up sharing a bathroom with my Seester and mom.  Three women getting ready at the same time could have used a little more elbow room.) 

   In the theme of the kitchen update post, let's remember where we started, shall we? Hall bath, before:

Hall bath, before.
   Not offensive, just incredibly boring.  Okay, those light fixtures are a little offensive.  You can't see them for the glare of the lights, but they're those "Hollywood" style  fixtures that had been spray painted (I think) with that horrible faux-stone textured paint.  ::shudder::  Again, I don't like orangey-stained wood, but there's tons of storage in those cabinets.  The biggest problem in both this bathroom and in the master is this:

Two-toned tile in the master "throne room"--seriously?!?
   The tile is two different colors.  Remember the slick-as-snot tile that we ripped out of the kitchen?  It's ba-ack!  For some reason, the previous owners laid the matte gray/tan tile in the main parts of both bathrooms and in the hallway to the bedrooms, but left the shiny ivory stuff around the toilets in both bathrooms and in the laundry room (my dad says they were probably too lazy to pull out the toilet and do it right).  Again, places where there are bound to be dusty feet or water on the floor.  This sounds like a broken wrist waiting to happen, not to mention it looks terrible.  So out it came.  My dad did the majority of the busting out in the hall bath, after giving me a tutorial, and I chiseled it out of the master bath and most of the laundry room.  That is hard work, friends!  I got lucky because there had apparently been some previous water leaks on the floor in the master bath and in the laundry because after I finally got the first tile out (after 45 minutes of hammering), the rest came out in much larger pieces. 

   We found one box of the correct tile in the garage, which was enough to finish the hall bath.  I found a VERY close approximation elsewhere for the other rooms, and we decided to add a "decorative buffer" and roll with it:

New tile!

   Keep in mind that the new stuff (on the right of the photo) has a little "grout haze" still on it, and the old stuff (on the left) hasn't been cleaned in heaven only knows how long, contributing to the difference in color.  I promise it's the same tile.  I think it turned out great!  Here are a few other projects going on in the bath:


   BEADBOARD!!!  Mwahahaha!  You knew it would pop up again, didn't you?  My dad installed a four-foot paneling of beadboard both in the shower area and in the main part of the bathroom, and added that awesome chunky railing at the top.  (I would have LOVED to do beadboard about six feet high, more of a plate rail height, but that stuff ain't cheap.) It's painted the same creamy off-white as the rest of the trim in the house, and I absolutely love it.  I think it makes the whole bathroom.  And here's a shot of the last project underway in here:

Vanity in progress!

   Dad also built that corner cabinet (he's super handy like that) and is framing in the mirrors, essentially creating two mirrors instead of one big wrap-around one.  They were plenty big, so I wasn't worried about losing mirror space, and I think it totally classes up the joint, don't you?  The cabinets have been sanded down and are awaiting a couple of coats of a darker, richer stain.  That's my department!  I plan to add some oil-rubbed bronze hardware to the cabinets as well. 

   So there you have it!  One hall bathroom, getting its makeover.  We have done a few more things in here since these photos were taken, like paint and light fixtures, but I think I'll save it for the big reveal photos.  You know, leave you hanging just a little.  Make you want to come back for more (and bring your friends). So make sure you come back for more!

   What are your priorities for bathroom design?  Do you hate Hollywood lights too?  Share my obsession love of beadboard? 

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