Saturday, March 24, 2012

Nursery Revealed!

As I mentioned in my last post, our families spent their Spring Break with us. However, don't be fooled. This was not a sightseeing, relaxing, refreshing vacation for them. They all very graciously volunteered to be my slave labor for a week to help us with nursery projects.  They arrived Saturday afternoon, Saturday evening was our Gender Reveal Party, and Saturday night began the work.  No rest for the weary.  All day Sunday and Monday were work days, Tuesday we took a short break to visit downtown, but Tuesday night and Wednesday night they were right back at the grind.  They were ironing, sewing, fixing, building, and primping things practically until they got back on the plane on Thursday afternoon.  I couldn't believe how much we (they) got done in such a short time, but I am forever grateful to this faithful bunch.  Our sweet Peanut has an equally sweet nursery to come home to that turned out even better than I could have imagined!  See for yourself!

Sweet little crib! When we decide on a name, there will be some sort of wall hanging over the crib. In the crib are the peanut doll from my mom and a little music box lamb that was mine.

Close-up of the recovered chaise, which is now my "Mommy Chair!"

Watering can decoration that my sister made!

Close-up of the yo-yo flowers on the walls
Window wall!  We plan to put our changing pad on the left side of the countertop.

Close-up of the lamp, which we found for a good price and "jazzed up" with yo-yos and trim.

Bulletin board on the back of the closet door.

Close-up of storage baskets under window.

 So there you have it, folks!  I love our little garden-themed nursery so much!  The colors are bright enough to make it feel happy, but soft enough that I don't feel overwhelmed in there!  As you can see, I could never thank our tireless helpers enough.  This totally would have never happened if it was up to me!

I know this post is getting long, but here's a quick list of resources that we used for our nursery:
-Fabric: The floral and stripe are part of the "Oh Baby" collection at Joann Fabrics. The yellow fabric has tiny white polka dots on it (that don't show up on camera), and is part of the nursery prints carried at Joann as well. My mom is amazing and did most of the crib bedding and curtain without a pattern. 
-The only furniture we purchased new was the crib, which I already posted on, and it came from Target.
-The lamp came from Home Goods, and then was accessorized by me.  :)
-I bought the storage baskets from Michael's. They were originally brown with a blue gingham liner.  My mom made new liners and my grandma spray painted them yellow.
-I've had the bulletin board since college. It too got painted yellow, then recovered and yo-yo'd.
-I should have taken more pictures "in the process" but I'll post a tutorial for the big yo-yo flowers on the walls soon.  

Gender: Revealed!

I'm sure everyone has heard our news by now, but I wanted to share a few photos from our Gender Reveal Party we had last weekend.  I wasn't sure I'd be able to do a party, since our families are so far away, but when they decided to come visit over Spring Break, which was only about two and a half weeks after we found out, we decided to keep our secret for a while and throw a party! 

Framed invitation
The spread! 
Grandpa via Skype
Both of our parents were able to come, as well as my sister and my grandma.  Grandpa use his tech-savvy to join us via Skype.  So thankful for technology!  We asked our guests to wear pink or blue based on their gender guess.  Team Pink was a little outnumbered, as you can see!  Chris and I decided to wear different colors so we didn't give away anything!  
Team Blue! (Dad, Woody, Nita, Grandma, me, and Jenn)

Team Pink!  (Mom, Chris, and Violet)
To reveal our surprise, I wrapped up balloons in the correct color in a big box, and when it was time, Chris and I opened the box, and out floated all the pink balloons!  It was so fun!  Everyone was so surprised--they all thought we'd be having a boy.  I was sure it was a girl in the beginning, but I figured since I was so certain, I'd be wrong, so I had about convinced myself it was a boy.  Chris thought girl all along, and he and my mom were right!  (I'm not sure if the grandpas-to-be really thought it was a boy, or if they just didn't want to wear pink...)

Pink balloons!  It's a girl!
The hardest part of this whole process was watching what I said for three weeks!  I really wanted it to be a surprise, but I wanted to share our news so badly!  Everyone said that we didn't let any hints slip though, so hopefully we did alright.  Needless to say, we would have been equally as glad if we'd filled that box with blue balloons, but we're thrilled to be expecting our daughter!  Now she just needs a name...