Monday, August 26, 2013

Finally on the up and up!

   I am so happy to report that my sweet girl finally seems to be herself again!  She is playing, eating, and generally being as silly as usual.  (Although today she opted out of her morning nap.  I'm pretending that's a fluke.)  She still has her rash, but it's finally getting brown and fading.  Apparently that's what a measles rash does-- it "stains" as it fades, meaning it turns brown instead of red, sort of like a freckle.

Friday rash
   We were able to get out of the house a little this weekend, which was good for my sanity.  I only noticed a few people giving her the side-eye, but no one said anything to us.  I think it helps that she was pretty happy and didn't act sickly.  She was still a little low energy over the weekend and seemed to run out of steam a little more quickly than usual.

Sunday rash

Monday rash
   We kept her home from church again because her rash was still pretty prominent and we didn't want to worry any of the other parents.  I was also a little worried that her immune system wasn't quite up to the challenge that the nursery can provide.  We knew she wasn't contagious, but her little system has had quite a workout lately, and I wanted to make sure she was good and well before exposing her to anything else.

Monday rash.  That face!  Love love love!!!
    Maybe we can get things back to normal this week.  I had outlined a cleaning schedule for myself to hopefully keep myself on track.  I made it about four days into my schedule before The Great Rash Outbreak, then everything went out the window.  It's not a complicated list, just a reminder of some things and a way to break up tasks to make housework less overwhelming.  I'll let you know how that goes.  What are your favorite housekeeping tips?

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