Monday, February 27, 2012

It's a...?

Today was the big 20 week ultrasound!  It took the technician over an hour to take all the pictures and measurements that she needed, so we enjoyed spending the time watching our little one.  Luckily, Peanut was cooperative and gave us a good gender shot, so now the fun planning can begin!  Sorry folks, I can't spill the beans just yet about the gender. Our families are coming to visit in two and a half short weeks to help out with some projects for the baby, and we're planning to have a Gender Reveal party then, so no public announcements that could spoil their surprises! 

Based on the measurements, Peanut seems to be growing right on track, and they estimate that our little wiggler weighs about 13 oz right now!  We definitely have one active kiddo on our hands. The tech kept having problems getting the pictures she needed because Peanut kept moving and squirming around. Thankfully they let me go to the bathroom in the middle of the scan because between the kid poking from the inside and the tech poking from the outside, I was definitely ready!  I was so glad that Christopher got to be there today.  He didn't get to come to the last one, and while pictures are great, there's nothing like seeing that teeny baby stretching and kicking and watching its little heart beating.  We both got teary watching that screen!

Just like last time, they gave me a CD with still photos from the scan, but since they were looking for detailed things today, everything is so zoomed in and pretty much unrecognizable, at least it was to me.  Here is one of the less obscure pics that will not reveal a gender.  Take your best guess!

Another sweet profile of my Peanut!

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